Raffa Reuther is an interdisciplinary artist born and raised in Washington D.C., now based on the Westside of Chicago. They received their Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Raffa works across many disciplines including fiber, installation, analog photography, performance, printmaking, sculpture, drawing, self publishing, sound, and social practice. In the most current body of work Raffa has been making what they call “Photoplays” -- a neologism they created to situate their practice in a nest of supportive language. They define it by its’ two roots, “Photo” meaning, an instrument that allows the multiplicity of being to be seen through images of light, motion, and energy, and “Play” meaning, a collective exploration in a surreal space over a specific interval of time, where the connection to emotions, knowledge, and games is expanded through the performance of curiosity, interpreted through abstract, scientific scores. Raffa has recently exhibited work in Chicago at Compound Yellow, Dfbrl8r Gallery, Lilstreet Loft, Gallery 400, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Sullivan Galleries, and Woman Made Gallery.




Contact Information:

email: raffa.reuther@gmail.com

instagram: 0raffa0